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ただいま! (We’re home!)


The honeymoon was awesome but it feels good to be back home in Sweden again! I’m sure gonna miss a couple of things I got used to in Japan. First thing is how quiet, polite and nice the people are. If you’re lost, they will help you. Some will even walk you to your destination!

Second is the trains. After enjoying the trains in Japan for 3 weeks, I can’t say that I look forward to riding my chaotic bus to work. In Japan, you’re not allowed to speak on your mobile phone while riding the subway trains, or any trains for that matter. You should also don’t talk too must or too loud to your friends. I wish the teenagers riding ‘my’ bus to school would abide to these rules as well… And for some unknown reason, young children don’t seem to cry/scream as much in Japan as they do on the trams and buses here in Sweden. I don’t get it. How do they make the kids stay quiet?

Even though we’re home, I’m gonna continue writing about our stay in Japan because it was just too awesome not to share with you guys :)

3 thoughts on “ただいま! (We’re home!)

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your honeymoon!! Japan sounds like a very awesome and interesting country! :-)

    • It really is, I would love to go back! And I love how it’s possible to explore everything. You don’t even need to hesitate about taking the backstreets at night. I honestly felt more safe in Japan than I do at home.

      • Wow that’s really cool..! I think people in Japan and China just have stricter norms and values. They dedicate themselves to being educated and try to excell in everything they do. It seems like they also take this discipline to everyday life! (like you described in the train)

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