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How to sew more efficiently – Chaining


Do you sew each piece, cut the threads and then start the next? Then you’re not alone, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for quite some time. If you instead of cutting the thread, continue with the next piece you’ll save both time and thread. After you’ve finish everything that can be chained together, cut the threads and tada! – finished!

Chaining like a boss! Here with hanging straps for my new curtain.


3 thoughts on “How to sew more efficiently – Chaining

  1. When I make a quilt I usually chainpiece. For garments usually not. The difference I think is that for garments it’s usually just one seam and then a completely different step follows while for quilts you have all these units that are basically the same. It does save a lot of time.

    • Oh yeah, you’re absolutely right about that. Generally, I find that smaller objects are more suitable for this. I tried doing it when I sewed the padding to the Minoru jacket but there was just too much fabric all over the place. In the end, I gave up :)

  2. I enjjoyed reading your post

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