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Sewing Room Reorganization!

Have you ever found yourself being blind to flaws? Everything is fine as long as you’re blissfully unaware of the situation but when you suddenly start to see the problem, it just wont go away. It’s a bit like the Matrix, once you’ve seen the lie it becomes impossible to ignore. My ‘Matrix’ was the sewing room (or rather sewing corner because the same room also works as an office). I knew already beforehand that the room was a bit untidy and that I had collected quite a number of things that was bursting out of the tiny wardrobe. But I didn’t see just how awful it was until we returned from Japan after four weeks of vacation.

I’m pretty certain it’s obvious, but this is what my sewing corner looked like before the reorganization:

Like the proper Swedes we are, my husband and I went to IKEA to get a new and bigger wardrobe. We got two 50cm PAX wardrobes with two BERGSBO doors. The possibly best feature with the PAX wardrobe is the pull-out-tray KOMPLEMENT that I’ve put one of my sewing machines on. Whenever I need it, I just pull out the tray and grab the machine. Wave goodbye to the risk a strained back!

Another feature I’m very fond of is the box combination HYFS that fits perfectly inside the drawers. Inside the boxes, I’ve organized ribbons, elastics, pins and needles, scissors, you name it! It no longer matters if things slide around inside the drawers because they will be separated by the boxes.

Behold my sewing corner after the reorganization!

In the space between the wall and the wardrobe, I store everything that’s too big to fit inside the wardrobe. For example, a cutting mat, pattern paper, large rulers and my cheap muslin fabric (also IKEA). The observant reader might’ve already noticed that my Pfaff Hobbylock is gone and instead there’s a Janome MyLock 644D. The Pfaff was alright but it broke down right in the middle of my Asymmetrical Neckline Dress project and I had to buy a new one. I guess all machines have their quirks and you learn to deal with them as time goes on. So far, I find the Janome easier to deal with (especially when it comes to thread tension) and I’m really glad I bought it.

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The Great British Sewing Bee is back!

If you haven’t already heard, the Great British Sewing Bee is back with a new season! Three of the six episodes have already aired but it’s not too late to watch them. The first episode is still available for 16 more days. If you don’t live in the UK or haven’t yet figured out how to fake your whereabouts, checkout out my post from last year on “The trick to watching the Great British Sewing Bee outside the UK“.

I hope you enjoy the show!


Oops I did it again

Today after work, I went out just to buy some elastic waistband for a dress I’m making and a new zipper for a skirt I’m mending. (Honestly, it must’ve shrunk in the last washing because now it doesn’t seem to fit any more. Truly shocking! )

Usually when I’m at the fabric store, I like to have a look at the “pile of cheep, random fabrics” and today was no exception. In the midst of fabrics with weird patterns and odd colours I often find great stuff! I guess people can’t “see the wood for all the trees” or are too lazy to go digging. I find it refreshing to first find the fabric and then use it as inspiration. The detail that it’s cheep is just a perk :)

Today’s treasure hunt resulted in four new fabrics, not exactly what I had in mind when I went out but it was quite a catch so I’m still pleased. When I got home I tried convincing my husband that I just walked past the pile and accidentally fell in. Then all of a sudden, the fabric just stuck to me like glue! I simply had to pay for it. There was nothing else I could’ve done. For some strange reason he didn’t believe me.