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Knitting double moss stitch

Winter greetings from the north of Sweden! For practical reasons, I decided to leave my sewing machine at home and instead bring my knitting basket and knitting with me. It’s a long drive (~8h) but lucky for me, I never get car sick so I could pass the time by working on my scarf.

For this project, I’m using a simple double moss stitch taught to me by my knitting sensei (AKA mum). My scarf will be quite big so I’ve cast on 50 stitches. If I were to make it again, I would probably cast on 40 instead. Then I work 18 rows of double moss stitch and then ~5 rows of simple knit stitches on the front side (first row kn, 2nd purl, 3rd kn, 4th purl…) just to break off the pattern a bit at the endings. Then continue with the double moss stitch.

Double moss stitch pattern
kn = knit, p = purl

row 1: kn kn p p ... kn kn turn
row 2: p p ... kn kn p p   turn
Now it's time to alternate
row 3: p p kn kn ... p p   turn
row 4: kn kn ... p p kn kn turn
and repeat 1-4

I’m a very slow knitter but hopefully I’ll have the scarf ready for next winter :) Only 3 of 5 yarns left to knit!Of course, I didn’t spend all week knitting! In fact, we spent most of the time outside in the ski slopes. The weather was great! A bit windy but the sun was shining for most the time. It’s nothing like the Alps but still the view from the top is absolutely stunning.