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Knitting double moss stitch

Winter greetings from the north of Sweden! For practical reasons, I decided to leave my sewing machine at home and instead bring my knitting basket and knitting with me. It’s a long drive (~8h) but lucky for me, I never get car sick so I could pass the time by working on my scarf.

For this project, I’m using a simple double moss stitch taught to me by my knitting sensei (AKA mum). My scarf will be quite big so I’ve cast on 50 stitches. If I were to make it again, I would probably cast on 40 instead. Then I work 18 rows of double moss stitch and then ~5 rows of simple knit stitches on the front side (first row kn, 2nd purl, 3rd kn, 4th purl…) just to break off the pattern a bit at the endings. Then continue with the double moss stitch.

Double moss stitch pattern
kn = knit, p = purl

row 1: kn kn p p ... kn kn turn
row 2: p p ... kn kn p p   turn
Now it's time to alternate
row 3: p p kn kn ... p p   turn
row 4: kn kn ... p p kn kn turn
and repeat 1-4

I’m a very slow knitter but hopefully I’ll have the scarf ready for next winter :) Only 3 of 5 yarns left to knit!Of course, I didn’t spend all week knitting! In fact, we spent most of the time outside in the ski slopes. The weather was great! A bit windy but the sun was shining for most the time. It’s nothing like the Alps but still the view from the top is absolutely stunning.


Tamoto dress

I promised you some pictures of me wearing the finished Tamoto dress and I reckon it’s about time I got around to doing that. Now that I’ve worn it a couple of times, what do I think of it? Well, I think I’ve fallen even deeper in love with it. It’s just plain awesome.

Me in the Tamoto dress. In the background you see the bedspread project

Me in the Tamoto dress. In the background you see the bedspread project

Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes it and I was asked for the pattern (Yay! *happy dance*). When I get back from my ski travel I will definitely look in to making a pdf pattern for the dress. Only trouble is that I need to learn how to grade my pattern. I’m also a bit unsure about how to make a pdf with a full size pattern. Making one with a down sized pattern that fits on one page is super easy but making it bigger could potentially give me some grief. If you’ve got any tips/tricks/ideas on the subject, please leave a comment!

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How to hem jeans with the original hem (magic hem)

I’ve always been quite short, and growing up I always had to re-hem every new pair of trousers I got. Back then, I  simply cut off some of the length and made the hem from scratch. While I ended up with jeans of a more suitable length, I always felt that the clean, new hem didn’t match the rest of the look. If only I had known about the “magic hem”!

The instructions given in the video aren’t always clear so I recommend that you watch it closely to get a hang of what Mr. Hyi Lim is doing. I’ve seen a couple of other videos on the subject as well but those were forgetting one detail. That is to hide the seam allowance/left-over fabric inside the hem. If you follow the instructions in this video, you should end up with a neat looking result both on the outside and the inside.

I can’t wait to try this out. I almost feel like buying a pair of jeans in the wrong size, just for the sake of it!