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Finished flowery knickers

Here they are, my finished and almost perfect Muji-copycat knickers! I decided to use the white elastic instead of black and I think it looks rather good. Thanks Emmely for your advise, it’s always nice to have a second opinion!

I’m very satisfied with the shape of the knickers. They fit me perfectly. There’s just one fitting issue and that is the elastic around the legs. I tried it on before sewing but somehow they still ended up being a bit too tight. I suspect that the tightness is the reason why I had so much trouble with skipped stitches in the zigzag seam (see picture below). But then again, this was the first time I had to “rebuild” my sewing machine for sewing zigzag stitches so there might be something I missed. Yes you heard me, rebuild. I had to change presser foot, feed dog, needle plate, change needle thread tension, rethread the bobbin thread for zigzag, fiddle with a couple of more levers and configure the size of the zigzag. Having an industrial sewing machine makes me feel like a seamstress and a mechanic, all in one :)

For my next pair I will definitely increase the elastics a bit and hope that it’ll turn out better than this.

Skipped stitches in the zigzag seam

Skipped stitches in the zigzag seam

Oddly enough I still can’t bring myself to post pictures of myself wearing just knickers. However, I came up with the great idea of showing you a cartoon version of myself. I am proud to present my colourful twin sister!yuki_clothing_knickers_cartoon


Knickers – a work in progress

Buying knickers and socks is something I find incredibly boring. I never have the patience to try the knickers on before buying them and because of this, I often end up buying something that doesn’t fit me. Basically, I just buy them and hope that I don’t throw my money away. Sadly, for my wallet, I fail 50% of the time.

For me, it’s rare to find an amazing pair of knickers and last time it happened was in Japan. I was starting to run out of clean knickers and I couldn’t be bothered to have the hotel do my laundry. The obvious solution was to buy some new ones and I found some simple and cute ones at Muji in Shinjuku. When I asked a sales woman for help with the sizes she had to apologise for not having any larger sizes. Sure, I’m a bit pear-shaped but in Sweden, I’m pretty small. In Japan I’m more medium to large! Anyway, I ended up buying the largest size and it was a perfect fit!

Ever since we got back from Japan, I’ve been thinking about making myself a copy of those perfect knickers and yesterday I started drafting the pattern. Today I cut out the pieces and sewed the thing together. Even without the elastic, the fit is rather good. I’m not really prepared to post pictures of myself in my underwear so you just need to take my word for it ;) However, here’s a picture of them without me.Next step is to add the elastic. I’m leaning towards using the solid, glimmering white one for the top and the white “lace” for the legs. What do you think? Which one(s) would you choose?