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Finished flowery knickers


Here they are, my finished and almost perfect Muji-copycat knickers! I decided to use the white elastic instead of black and I think it looks rather good. Thanks Emmely for your advise, it’s always nice to have a second opinion!

I’m very satisfied with the shape of the knickers. They fit me perfectly. There’s just one fitting issue and that is the elastic around the legs. I tried it on before sewing but somehow they still ended up being a bit too tight. I suspect that the tightness is the reason why I had so much trouble with skipped stitches in the zigzag seam (see picture below). But then again, this was the first time I had to “rebuild” my sewing machine for sewing zigzag stitches so there might be something I missed. Yes you heard me, rebuild. I had to change presser foot, feed dog, needle plate, change needle thread tension, rethread the bobbin thread for zigzag, fiddle with a couple of more levers and configure the size of the zigzag. Having an industrial sewing machine makes me feel like a seamstress and a mechanic, all in one :)

For my next pair I will definitely increase the elastics a bit and hope that it’ll turn out better than this.

Skipped stitches in the zigzag seam

Skipped stitches in the zigzag seam

Oddly enough I still can’t bring myself to post pictures of myself wearing just knickers. However, I came up with the great idea of showing you a cartoon version of myself. I am proud to present my colourful twin sister!yuki_clothing_knickers_cartoon

4 thoughts on “Finished flowery knickers

  1. I totally get not being comfortable posting pictures wearing nothing but underwear. I can’t really tell from the picture but it looks as if the skipped stitch is always on the same side. I read somewhere that a solution for skipped zig zag stitches might be to sew one stitch at a time or to use the handwheel instead of the pedal so you go slower and this should help the needle and bobbin hook timing.

    • Oh my, that would take forever! Did that advise apply to all fabric or just stretch? My machine seems to be doing just fine with a non stretch cotton but when I stretched this fabric too much, I ended up with these skipped stitches.

      • I think it was also about sewing with elastic. If stretching the fabric a bit less does the trick I agree that would be much preferable!

  2. Ahww it’s so cute!

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