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Tartan Necktie

For New Year’s I planned to make a tartan version of the asymmetrical neckline dress with a matching necktie for my husband. Knowing that I’m a hopeless time optimist, I cut out the pieces for the dress and then started with the tie. That way I would at least be able to finish one of the two. It proved to be a wise decision.

There’s an abundance of tutorials on how to make a necktie but the one that looked professional is this one. I pretty much followed the instructions, except I sewed everything by hand. The tutorial doesn’t say that much about how to make the pattern but it’s hardly rocket science. I simply took one of my husband’s favourite ties and made a pattern from that. The tie is constructed from 7 parts.

  • 3 parts for the outer fabric (wide, middle and narrow end)
  • 2 parts for lining the tips (also cut in main fabric)
  • 1 slightly thick interlining that’s put inside the tie (to give it some weight)
  • 1 keeper

The main fabric is a medium weight cotton fabric with a tartan print. Even the selvage was pretty so I decided to use it for the keeper. I didn’t have any suitable wool fabric in my stash for the interlining so I took two layers of left-over flannel from when I made my Minoru jacket and basted them together to give the interlining some weight.

The observant reader might notice that the pattern pieces for the main fabric doesn’t add up and that is absolutely correct. I managed to flip the pattern for the narrow end of the tie which meant that it didn’t fit together with the middle part. I quickly solved it by drawing a new pattern for the middle piece. Of course I managed flip that piece as well and had to re-do it a third time. That’s what happens when there’s too much blood in the caffeine circulation…

Overall I’m very happy with both the project and the outcome. It’s so nice to take your time and really make something properly. The sewing machine is very effective but a bit of hand sewing tends to make a garment just e little bit more special.


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Checked shirt

Checked shirt - front

Checked shirt – front

This checked shirt was a birthday present for my fiancé. I reckon it turned out pretty decent considering I made it in secrete when he was still at work or at the grocery store (guess who sent him to do the shopping ;) ).

The shirt’s made from a thin cotton fabric I picked up a while back. It was a real bargain and besides, I’m a sucker for blue.

My camera’s still crappy as ever. I swear, one day I’m gonna by a new one and redo the absolute worst pictures. But until that happens you’ll have to make do with this. At least you can see what it is.

Checked shirt - back

Checked shirt – back

Checked shirt - Unbuttoned cuff

Checked shirt – Unbuttoned cuff

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Oversized tank top

Oversized tank top

Oversized tank top

An old friend asked me to make something for him, like a tank top or something. I was first a bit hesitant because I’ve never actually made anything for men before but then I thought to myself “how hard could it be?” Famous last words, ey…

Since Jenny’s too small and got boobs (my friend’s neither small nor got moobs), I got my fiancé to act as a dressform. He did a good job and the end result was pretty alright. Here it is, an oversized tank top!