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Knitting double moss stitch

Winter greetings from the north of Sweden! For practical reasons, I decided to leave my sewing machine at home and instead bring my knitting basket and knitting with me. It’s a long drive (~8h) but lucky for me, I never get car sick so I could pass the time by working on my scarf.

For this project, I’m using a simple double moss stitch taught to me by my knitting sensei (AKA mum). My scarf will be quite big so I’ve cast on 50 stitches. If I were to make it again, I would probably cast on 40 instead. Then I work 18 rows of double moss stitch and then ~5 rows of simple knit stitches on the front side (first row kn, 2nd purl, 3rd kn, 4th purl…) just to break off the pattern a bit at the endings. Then continue with the double moss stitch.

Double moss stitch pattern
kn = knit, p = purl

row 1: kn kn p p ... kn kn turn
row 2: p p ... kn kn p p   turn
Now it's time to alternate
row 3: p p kn kn ... p p   turn
row 4: kn kn ... p p kn kn turn
and repeat 1-4

I’m a very slow knitter but hopefully I’ll have the scarf ready for next winter :) Only 3 of 5 yarns left to knit!Of course, I didn’t spend all week knitting! In fact, we spent most of the time outside in the ski slopes. The weather was great! A bit windy but the sun was shining for most the time. It’s nothing like the Alps but still the view from the top is absolutely stunning.


Yarn Basket

For Christmas, my mum gave me these beautiful balls of yarn! The plan is to turn them into a scarf (hopefully this winter and not the next but I’m a slow knitter so we’ll see about that). Of course I want somewhere to store the yarn while I’m working so I made these yarn baskets. One for me, and one for my mum.

The fabrics I used was some scraps that I had lying around in my fabric stash. The striped one is some left-over from the boat curtains and the flower print is something I got from mum. Not really certain, but I think it might originally come from my grandma’s curtains.  I like how you can tie up the basket and bring everything with you without worrying about things falling out.


Entrelac Knitting

One day I found this cool knitting technique called entrelac and I decided to make a scarf using it. Sure, it’s only been over 10 years since last time I tried knitting, but how hard could it be? (famous last words ey? ;) ).  Off to the store I went and returned with purple, green and beige yarn. Now, let awesomeness commence!

Well, that’s not entirely true. After looking at the yarn for a month or so I realized that I needed some help to get started. Luckily for me, my good friend Mia offered a helping hand. Dinner in exchange for knitting lessons is a pretty good deal imo :)

Today’s progress! I reckon it’s a good thing I started this thing now. That way I’ve got a chance of finishing in time for next winter.

Entrelac Knitting - First row

Entrelac Knitting – First row