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Rolled hem presser foot

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I got a very pleasant surprise when I got home today. I had completely forgotten about this little beauty that I ordered for my Singer 20U-53 just before Christmas! What you see is a presser foot that produces a 5.6mm rolled hem as it goes along. The curve in the middle of the foot guides the fabric around and the needle stitches it all in place with a straight stitch. At least that’s the theory. I’m telling you, rolled hems can be quite tricky and I find that pretty much all the fabrics I throw at it behaves differently. Before ever attacking a garment with this, you need to try it out on some fabric scraps.

So far I’ve never used a rolled hem presser foot on stretch jersey but I was thinking now would be a good time to start. After all, I need to finish the hem on the Tamoto dress. First I tried it out on the super-stretchy side and oh well, it looked like s**t before it’s encounter with the iron. Perhaps the problem was that the pressure from the presser foot was too strong. Maybe if I tuned it down a bit, the fabric would flow better and I wouldn’t end up with a wonky mess?

Flipping the fabric around and trying another side (still stretchy but not super-duper) gave me a better result but there’s still room for improvement. The foot works just fine on some good ‘ol cotton so I’m finding this a tad bit annoying. Has anyone got any experience with using such a foot on stretch jersey? Any ideas you’ve got are more than welcome!

One thought on “Rolled hem presser foot

  1. Oehhh I like it!! Looks so clean and easy!

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