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New cover for a baby bouncer

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When I told my mum that we were thinking about buying a BabyBjörn bouncer for Charlie, she said that there was no need for that since she had actually saved my old bouncer! The bouncer looked great but I wanted to upgrade it and give it a more modern look so I made a new cover (I think the old cover was made in West-Germany ;) ).

The baby bouncer from the 80s!

I made the pattern based on the old cover and lavender-blue fabric was something that’s been lying in my fabric stash for ~10 years or so. I remember buying it because I fell in love with the colour :) It’s some kind of furniture fabric and I found out that it’s actually a bit water-repellent. A great feature when you’ve got a baby that drinks a lot of milk and burps a lot.

I can’t believe I’ve been trying to write this post for 5 months now. Charlie looks so tiny when she was trying the baby bouncer for the first time! And that horrible Frejka pillow she was wearing, I’d almost forgotten about it… Time flies, doesn’t it.

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