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A visit from the Fabric Godmother

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find cheap muslin fabric but that task is almost impossible when you live in Sweden. I say almost because I’ve found a solution. Just order it from abroad! :D I bumped into this awesome online fabric shop via one of my followers (thanks for the tip!). The shop’s called Fabric Godmother and it’s based in the UK.
Their muslin is pretty darn cheap (£1.99/m) and the delivery charges within EU are, at least in my book, ridiculously low (£10). The customer service is also very good. There was some mix-up with my order which resulted in me getting the wrong pattern. However, they quickly resolved the issue by sending me the right one. They were even kind enough to let me keep the extra pattern. Overall, I couldn’t be happier :)

Here’s what I ordered; 15m muslin, the Minoru jacket pattern (the one I wanted), the Cordova jacket pattern (the extra) and some free fabric samples. I’m saving the Minoru pattern for later. That’ll be my autumn project :) I’m thinking about using the Cordova pattern to make a small jacket to wear over my wedding dress. The weather in September can be.. let’s just say “not very good” so I reckon I might need some kind of jacket.