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One step closer to Japan!

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<For those of you who doesn’t know me irl, me and my fiancée are spending our honeymoon in Japan.>

Fuji-san_featI must say that I feel extremely relieved now that we finally got around to buying the flight tickets. I’ve been watching the price for about a month now and this last week I’ve grown more and more irritated about 3 things.

  1. The price flux like crazy (we’re talking 5000 sek/570 euro/750 usd/73000 yen). At least in my part of the universe, that’s a shitload of money.
  2. Whenever I see a nice price for the flight I want seats on, the darn price change when I go to the travel agency that sells the tickets. What’s up with that?
  3. All travel agencies seem to be crooks. Either their service is lousy or they take your money (double-charging, charging but not making any flight reservation..). It feels like choosing between plague or cholera (<- lovely Swedish saying :) ).

After spending a considerable amount of time cursing the different travel agencies, we ended up directly at Japan Airlines home page. And wow, what a difference! The page is actually easy to navigate and booking the correct flight for the right price was super easy. If I understood everything correctly, I get to bring 23x2kg luggage with me. How sweet is that? Now I just hope they serve us a nice obento or sushi on the plane.

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