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This year’s batch of lilac cordial

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Lately I’ve been so busy with work and house hunting that my hobby’s been suffering. I’ve hardly had time to even look at my sewing machine! For a moment, it even looked like I wouldn’t have time to make this year’s batch of lilac cordial but then dad came to my rescue. :) He kindly offered to pick some flowers for me and bring them over while he was waiting for the paint to dry on the house. Now, five days later the cordial is finished and I’m much more pleased with it this year. I added one extra lemon for a more sour taste and let it sit for five days instead of three. The taste is great, and don’t you just love the colour!

Does it sound interesting? Well then, hurry on out and pick some flowers before they wither! Check out the recipe here, it’s super easy :)

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