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Wow, my bedspread’s on Pinterest!


When I looked at my site statistics today I was surprised and happy to see that someone actually managed to find my blog via pictures of my bedspread on Pinterest. It’s not every day that random people manage to boost your confidence like this. Thank you unknown persons! :) A small step for mankind but a giant leap for me!

Now the only question is, what am I to do with the ~100 leftover tiles? Pretty much the only thing I can think of is cushion cover. But I hardly need 4 cushion covers! Perhaps I should give Etsy a try…

3 thoughts on “Wow, my bedspread’s on Pinterest!

  1. Ha ha, that was me! Loved your bedspread. Of course you need four cushion covers!! Actually, they make great gifts. If you sew them up and keep them on hand, I guarantee you will be glad to have them for hostess gifts, housewarmings, etc.

  2. Haha awesome..!!! :-D

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