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Finished bedspread


It’s been over a month ago since I first told you about the bedspread made of recycled denim. I’m now happy to tell you that it’s finally finished! For about two to three weeks I’ve been thinking “this will finally be the day when I finish it” but no, no, it always takes longer than I expected. However, yesterday was the day :D

When I got to making the back side of the bedspread I went to the store to buy some denim. That part went well. I usually pre-wash all fabrics but I just didn’t feel like pre-washing and ironing 8m of heavy denim. Feeling lazy, I just cut the fabric pieces that I needed and start ironing them. After a while I looked at my hands and realized that karma just punched me right in face. Saying I looked like a Smurf might be a slight exaggeration but let’s just say that I really needed to wash the fabric.

Washing means shrinkage and that was something I hadn’t taken into account when I cut the fabric. Sure, I did cut some extra but nowhere near the 5% needed. Fortunately there were just enough fabric left after washing it twice in cold water and stretching it afterwards. *phew*

At first I had planned on adding a 10cm border around the entire bedspread in the same denim as the one I used for the back. However, I decided to add a smaller border (~1cm) instead. It looked just as good and quite frankly, easier to sew. So I got to use my bias binding maker for the first time and it worked like a charm – even on the thick denim!

Now that I’ve finished this project it’s about time I started working on my pattern grading skills and grade the pattern for the Tamoto dress.

6 thoughts on “Finished bedspread

  1. Love it, it turned out really well! I am glad you prewashed it after all, you might have stained your bedlinen otherwise or it might have shrunk at a later time when you had it cleaned which could have distorted the shape.

  2. Woww it looks so nice!! This idea, it’s so cool!

  3. Another finished project! And it looks great! I’m just creating UFO’s at the moment. Need to start work on finish them I guess.

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