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Finished blue and white Tania Culottes


The Tania Culottes are finished and this means that I will be able to enjoy our vacation in Japan even more! It didn’t take me long to notice the difference in fashion/clothing on our last trip. The Japanese tend to wear clothes with a loose fit that actually covers their bodies to a larger extent than we do in Sweden. For example, men usually don’t wear shorts and women often wear neck-high tops (but show of quite a bit of leg). At first I was puzzled by this kind of fashion since it looked so warm, but after a while I realized that it was the loose fitting that saved everyone form overheating. Unfortunately for me, my thick denim shorts were all but loose fitting and made me sweat like a pig. Hopefully, I’ll be more comfortable in my new culottes!

After leaving it a couple of days, the hemline was all but straight...

After leaving it a couple of days, the hemline was all but straight…

Making the culottes was pretty straight forward. Like so many already suggested, I let them hang on my mannequin for a couple of days and then cut the hemline to make it even.

A new technique I tried for this project was to “stitch in the ditch”. To ensure my success, I used a bright red thread to baste the lining in place before stitching in the ditch from the face side.

More about the construction of the culottes can be found here.



Look at that circle skirt!

Look at that circle skirt!

Here's me watching ...

Here’s me watching …

sheep :D

sheep :D

2 thoughts on “Finished blue and white Tania Culottes

  1. They turned out great! Love the fabric too!

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