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Yellow Asymmetrical Neckline Dress


This third version of the “asymmetrical neckline dress”, was a little something I started working on right before Easter (hence the colour). I wanted a nice and comfortable dress that I could wear at home so I decided to make it in this wonderful yellow jersey that I bumped into at the fabric store.

I was also interested in seeing how the jersey would drape compared to the other fabrics. Even though it’s the same pattern, it looks quite different from both the tartan and the graphite dress. The other two fabrics had a bit more structure compared to this one, which basically lives a life of its own.

For more information about the pattern, check out Asymmetrical Neckline Dress – making the pattern

Now you might think that I’ve been holding onto this since Easter (when I was supposed to have finished the dress). Problem was that a bunch of other stuff got higher priority, like making a new dress for a spring wedding we were attending. Then I got very tired and nauseous which didn’t exactly put me in the mood for finishing the dress. Now that I finally had the time and energy to finish it, it doesn’t really fit like I thought it would when I started in April ;)

4 thoughts on “Yellow Asymmetrical Neckline Dress

  1. Så fin den blev! Och så fin du är!

  2. Congratulations! You already have a very nice bump! When are you due?

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