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Tamoto Dress – finished!

I finally got around to finishing the Tamoto dress and I’m totally in love with it! It’s so comfy I don’t ever want to take it off. The best thing about it could be the elastic waistband. You get to look gorgeous and at the same time don’t have to worry about eating too much of that delightful dinner, all because the waistline just expands. How awesome is that?

The back side of the dress

The back side of the dress

I’m sorry there’s no pictures of me wearing the dress this time but that’s because I had eye surgery this week (not the eye itself but the soft tissue on the lower eyelid). I’m pretty alright by now. The bleeding has stopped and it doesn’t hurt as much but my eye still needs a lot of rest and I can’t wear any make-up. Right after the surgery I looked like a drunken pirate, with eye patch and all, still a bit groggy from the drugs they gave me :D Anyway, you’ll need to wait a bit longer for some better picture. I just can’t help feeling a bit vain :)


Tamoto dress

During the weekend I finally decided on what my next project was going to be, and it’s a dress! I will use two different fabrics for the skirt and the upper bodice to create a bit of contrast. An elastic waistband will be added to give the wearer an accentuated waist, while still keeping the dress comfortable. The length of the skirt should be somewhere over the knee. The upper bodice is made with kimono sleeves and a rather high neckline. For this first version of the dress, I’ve decided to use two soft knits (The one with the flowers is actually another case of buying-fabric-I-have-yet-to-find-a-project-for).

What are kimono sleeves you ask? Well, it’s a sleeve cut in one piece together with the bodice. Don’t confuse it with the traditional Japanese kimono sleeve which is cut as a part of its own.

So far, I’ve finished the bodice and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind just wearing that as a top to the beach in the summer. Darn, I gotta get rid of all the extra kilos I put on during Christmas!

I’m pretty excited about this dress, in my mind it will be amazing and an amazing dress needs a name, right? I wanted to find something that had to do with the lovely kimono sleeve and I consulted Wikipedia for some help. Apparently, the Japanese word for the sleeve (a proper kimono sleeve) is “sode” but that was completely out of the question after my hubby told me to check urban dictionary… Instead, the choice fell on Tamoto. “The Tamoto dress”, easily mixed up with the vegetable but still a nice name for a nice dress.