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Finished Minoru Jacket

I finished my Minoru jacket a while ago but I’ve been waiting for some nice weather to take some photos outside. Only problem is that nice weather is a rare commodity when you live on the west coast of Sweden. Yesterday I gave up waiting, grabbed the camera and me and my hubby headed out for a walk in the nearby park. After strolling around a bit, we found stone stairs leading up a hill and it was after we’d climbed half way that we realized that we were standing in the middle of an old ski jumping hill! Since there’s rarely any snow in this town, I find the construction of a the ski jumping hill quite hilarious.

This is where I realized that I was standing in the middle of a ski jumping hill

This is where I realized that I was standing in the middle of a ski jumping hill

... almost at the top!

… almost at the top!

I'm pretty sure there's usually a sign saying " don't feed the animals", but that was completely ignored by some. I enjoyed watching.

I’m pretty sure there’s usually a sign saying ” don’t feed the animals”, but that was completely ignored by some. Me, I just enjoyed watching.

I’m very happy with how my Minoru turned out. Most of the changes I made to the pattern are covered in my post about the muslin. However, there where still a couple of surprises. First one was the instructions for how to sew the cuffs to the arms. It’s a bit tricky to get it right, but it’s perfectly doable to sew everything together in one go without having to stitch everything by hand.

The second issue was that I had to shorten the waist-band a bit because of the front pockets and I think that affected the fitting a bit in the front.

And last, I found that I had a hard time getting the bottom hem to match up perfectly. Perhaps I made some error when I traced the pattern because I ended up with too much fabric and had to make a couple of pleats just to make it work. Nothing is visible on the outside though.

Other than that, it was fun to make and pretty straight forward :)

Now, back to the awesome ski jumping! When I got home I had to dig into the history of the ski jumping hill. It turned out I was right in thinking that it was rather old because, according to Wikipedia, it was built in 1902. However, in 1904 the hill was already too small. Besides, there’s not much snow in Gothenburg anyway so it was decided that a new hill should be built. But someone refused to give up the idea and in 1921, it was decided that the hill should be renovated and the whole thing was financed by the government because there was a big problem with unemployment. “Sweet deal!” I reckon all the ski enthusiasts said as the work began. The funny thing is that when the constructions were finished in 1923, there was not enough snow so the opening ceremony was postponed one year. Lol.

Here are two more pictures to celebrate this Scandinavian “bridge to nowhere”.

Right in the middle of the hill

Right in the middle of the hill

At the top!

At the top!


Minoru muslin

Even though it’s pretty boring to do the same work twice, I’ve learnt the importance of making a muslin first to make sure that the fitting is good. For the muslin, I found a nice (and very cheap) cotton fabric at IKEA. I wouldn’t have minded a heavier fabric but on the other hand, this one was easy to work with.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the fitting and I’ve only found two issues with the pattern that need correcting.

  1. Sleeve length – they’re just too long
  2. Hood size – too small for my taste

I’ve decided to shorten the sleeves 2cm and make the hood ~5cm longer. I’m too lazy to attach the cuffs to the sleeves so the 2cm is just a rough estimation. Hopefully it works out.

Minoru Jacket - front

Minoru Jacket – front

I made a few alterations to the pattern before making the muslin. To begin with, I wanted a more “clean” front so I removed the outside front plackets. I needed to keep the inner plackets as they were because of the construction around the inner pockets and the fact that it wouldn’t look nice to have the lining go all the way out to the zipper. I adjusted the outside of the collar accordingly and kept the inside as it was.

For some reason unknown to me, there are no pockets to stuff your hands in when it’s cold. Pure madness, I tell you. To fix this problem, I’ve made a pattern for single welt pockets that will be added to the front (you see my sketch on the muslin).

Minoru Jacket - back

Minoru Jacket – back (I was also too lazy to sew the elastic waistband but I think needles work just fine)

Since the metal zipper can feel very cold against the skin, I will have to add some protection. An extra piece of fabric on the inside should suffice.

I’m going to make another adjustment to the hood. To me, not lining the hood makes no sense at all since I need it for protection against the awful weather.

Minoru Jacket - Collar and Hood

Minoru Jacket – Collar and Hood


Minoru Jacket

It’s time to start my next project, an autumn/winter jacket! Because I’ve never made a jacket before (not counting the wedding dress jacket), I thought it best to buy a pattern and I choose to go with the Minoru pattern from Sewaholic. This baby has been waiting for me ever since the delivery from fabric godmother earlier this summer and I’m super excited about finally getting started.

  • Green cotton twill
  • Red cotton tartan
  • Black quilt polyester wadding