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Minoru muslin

Even though it’s pretty boring to do the same work twice, I’ve learnt the importance of making a muslin first to make sure that the fitting is good. For the muslin, I found a nice (and very cheap) cotton fabric at IKEA. I wouldn’t have minded a heavier fabric but on the other hand, this one was easy to work with.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the fitting and I’ve only found two issues with the pattern that need correcting.

  1. Sleeve length – they’re just too long
  2. Hood size – too small for my taste

I’ve decided to shorten the sleeves 2cm and make the hood ~5cm longer. I’m too lazy to attach the cuffs to the sleeves so the 2cm is just a rough estimation. Hopefully it works out.

Minoru Jacket - front

Minoru Jacket – front

I made a few alterations to the pattern before making the muslin. To begin with, I wanted a more “clean” front so I removed the outside front plackets. I needed to keep the inner plackets as they were because of the construction around the inner pockets and the fact that it wouldn’t look nice to have the lining go all the way out to the zipper. I adjusted the outside of the collar accordingly and kept the inside as it was.

For some reason unknown to me, there are no pockets to stuff your hands in when it’s cold. Pure madness, I tell you. To fix this problem, I’ve made a pattern for single welt pockets that will be added to the front (you see my sketch on the muslin).

Minoru Jacket - back

Minoru Jacket – back (I was also too lazy to sew the elastic waistband but I think needles work just fine)

Since the metal zipper can feel very cold against the skin, I will have to add some protection. An extra piece of fabric on the inside should suffice.

I’m going to make another adjustment to the hood. To me, not lining the hood makes no sense at all since I need it for protection against the awful weather.

Minoru Jacket - Collar and Hood

Minoru Jacket – Collar and Hood


Jacket to wear over the wedding dress – Finished!

Big day today and I just finished the jacket. After checking out the assortment in several bridal shops, I realized that my puffy sleeve madness actually looked good in comparison. Which means that buying something wasn’t an option. With that said I knew that I just had to “make it work”. With some modifications, the jacket now looks decent enough to wear. In a different fabric, I reckon it could actually look rather good.


Ironically, the sun is shining and it’s 20 degrees outside which means that I probably no longer need this jacket.



Jacket to wear over the wedding dress

What does one do when the weather forecast says 15 degrees and rain on the day of the wedding and one simply forgot to buy a jacket? Naturally one makes a jacket. At least that’s what I thought this weekend. Now I’m not so sure any more. To make things easy, I decided to grab the Cordova pattern that I got for free earlier this summer and just make some minor alterations. The mock-up I did in a hurry on Saturday looked pretty decent. However, the actual jacket did not.

Muslin to the left and silk to the right

Muslin to the left and silk to the right

Puffy sleeves aren’t normally my cup of tea but I remember thinking that it could ‘kind of work’. That was in muslin… In silk it just looks ridiculous. I can’t wear this! That thing just reminds me of Nadine from Twin Peaks and the woman was bat-shit crazy. If I can’t fix this power puff madness asap, I need to rent something because this is simply not wearable.