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Jacket to wear over the wedding dress


What does one do when the weather forecast says 15 degrees and rain on the day of the wedding and one simply forgot to buy a jacket? Naturally one makes a jacket. At least that’s what I thought this weekend. Now I’m not so sure any more. To make things easy, I decided to grab the Cordova pattern that I got for free earlier this summer and just make some minor alterations. The mock-up I did in a hurry on Saturday looked pretty decent. However, the actual jacket did not.

Muslin to the left and silk to the right

Muslin to the left and silk to the right

Puffy sleeves aren’t normally my cup of tea but I remember thinking that it could ‘kind of work’. That was in muslin… In silk it just looks ridiculous. I can’t wear this! That thing just reminds me of Nadine from Twin Peaks and the woman was bat-shit crazy. If I can’t fix this power puff madness asap, I need to rent something because this is simply not wearable.


4 thoughts on “Jacket to wear over the wedding dress

  1. Ehhmmm…. how to put this nicely…. Let’s just say I agree with you.

    This wouldn’t complement your gorgeous dress in any way!

    • Haha, yup that thing looks bloody awful! It must be a combo of the puffy sleeves and the fabric because I don’t think the muslin looked That bad :/

      • Yeah indeed! At first I didn’t realise they were different fabrics but then I saw the shine and the puffy sleeves and yeah, it didn’t really suit the whole attire.

        Hope you can create/buy/hire something good!

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