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Purple pleated skirt

I made the first prototype of this skirt for a cocktail party this autumn (unfortunately, I can’t show it here… need I say more than “this is the zipper“?).

This was around the time I was watching Black Butler (again?) and first discovered SID (シド). One day when I was randomly surfing YouTube, I found this awesome live recording of SID (which for the record, is an awesome band). Mao-san, the singer was wearing a nice, three-coloured kilt-looking thing and then it hit me. I had to make a two-coloured pleated skirt! When I was done designing and sewing, a friend pointed out that it looked very steampunk. I guess that is what you get when mixing J-rock with Victorian style fashion :)

Enough about the prototype, this skirt’s made for an old classmate of mine. She really liked the prototype and asked me to make one for her as well. It’s a minor miracle that the fugly zipper didn’t put her off :) So thank you for ordering, I was really thrilled that someone actually like my design!

Purple steampunk skirt - front

Purple steampunk skirt – front

Purple steampunk skirt - inside

Purple steampunk skirt – inside