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Black Tulle Petticoat

I’ve always wanted to have a petticoat and then it struck me, I actually got material for it somewhere deep down in my stash. I bought the material years ago and never got around to making anything out of it, until now.

As a base for the petticoat I used an ordinary black lining fabric. I cut a 3/4 circle skirt with a “waist” measurement that was large enough to fit over my hips. The fabric was then sewn to an elastic band that had a built-in frill (very convenient :) ).

At first I was planning on making three tiers of ruffles but I settled for two (otherwise it would’ve been gigantic!). The bottom tulle ruffle is attached to the fabric and the second tier is first attached to a piece of thicker and smoother tulle, which in turn is sewn to the fabric.tulle_petticoat1