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Beauty and the Beast


Contrary to what you might think, I’m not talking about the Disney movie but two of my attempts at sewing an invisible zipper. My lovely friends just cannot stop making fun of me whenever they see one of my very much failed attempts, or as I like to call it, the abomination. And I really can’t blame them…

The Abomination

The Abomination – I really wish this wasn’t my work :/

The Beast

Just look at how completely visible this “invisible” zipper is!

How to avoid this: Open up the zipper, iron it a bit and sew really, really close to the plastic teeth. Just take care not to sew too close or there’s a risk you can’t close it.

Moving on to the next problem. See how the fabrics are all skewed on the two sides of the zipper?

How to avoid this: Begin sewing one side of the zipper. When you’re done, close the zipper and mark with a needle where it’s vital that the fabrics match. Now it’s time to sew the other side. Open the zipper again and sew over the critical part. Close the zipper again to check that it looks good and then finish the rest.

Last issue: You see the ugly fold at the end of this horror?

How to avoid this: Never try to sew an invisible zipper in just one piece of fabric that you just cut open. The engineer within me says it should be possible and that I just need to try harder. But trust me, cutting the fabric into two pieces where you want to install a zipper will save you a lot of headache.

Oh and one more thing, use your brain when doing this. I clearly underestimated my opponent and managed to first sew on the sodding thing backwards. One day I will untack it and do everything all over again.

The Beauty

For the second and improved version of the skirt I knew that I had to fight the same battle again, but this time I would not lose! And here’s the result, isn’t she a beauty?

How it's supposed to be done!

How it’s supposed to be done!

4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

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  2. Thanks for the tips! I have just finished my skirt with a zipper and it looks alright now! You’ve done really well on that last one, beautiful!

    • Thanks! I did practice a bit an another zipper, just to get the hang of it ;) If you’re trying something new like making a buttonhole or some new crazy way of folding the fabric to hide seams, always test it before attacking the real garment.

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