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Blue top with visible zipper


This is a top I made a while back. If I recall correctly, we were going to a party and I didn’t have anything to wear so I whipped this up. It’s a very simple design with some nice pleating on the front shoulder, low cut in the back and a visible zipper in the back (added both for looks and functionality).

Top - pleating on the right shoulder

Top – pleating on the right shoulder

Top - back

Top – back

2 thoughts on “Blue top with visible zipper

  1. It’s nice! Is there a pattern for this?

    • Thanks! I made that top several years ago and unfortunately, I haven’t saved any patterns that I made during that time. But it should be fairly simple for you to make a pattern yourself. Just take a top you have in your wardrobe that looks a bit similar, make a paper pattern based on that one and then make the proper adjustments. For example, lower the neckline in the back, add a zipper and add the pleating on the shoulder.

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