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Wedding dress – Round 1 (making the pattern)


It’s reached the point where I’m fed up with feeling stressed out about the wedding and in particular, the wedding dress. High time I actually started doing something about it!

Ever since I got my mannequin, my sewing have grown more and more ad hoc. Nowadays, I usually just have a basic idea somewhere in my mind and then make the pattern directly on Jenny herself. I actually find it much easier and a more interesting way of working. And this project is no exception. I made a hand-sewn muslin a while back that’s fitted to the upper bodice (I’ve just been looking at it for weeks).

Tip of the day: If you’re having problems with darts or the fitting over the boobs, try hand-sewing the tricky part. It really is much easier to get a nice looking result that way.

Now back to the muslin. The idea is to divide the upper part into almost equal sized stripes. Using a piece of cheap yarn, I made a quick draft of where to cut. I’m pretty happy with the result but I’d better sleep on it just in case. Next step is to cut it into pieces and make a new muslin :)

Good night!

8 thoughts on “Wedding dress – Round 1 (making the pattern)

  1. Looks great already! I’m almost done with my shirt, and already planning my next project………. can’t wait!

    • Ooh, looking forward to seeing it :) What’s you’re next project gonna be?

      • I think a cocktail dres… But I’m not really sure about the design yet! Maybe I will design one myself haha :-)

        • Go for it :D I haven’t bought a pattern in over 10 years. At least for me, creating the garments from scratch is what’s fun :) Hm.. if i’ve got enough time before tonights raid (gaming), I might write a post on a “new” pattern making techinique I came across ~a month ago. Perhaps that could be useful for inspiration.

          • Yeah I would love to read about that!! I always make my own patterns but I usually inspire them on something that already exists.. I have found an amazing dress that I would love to recreate! If I’m ready I will post a picture ;-)

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