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Wedding Dress – Making preparations and the art of telling right from wrong


Off-white silk fabric in the front and Vlieseline in the background

Off-white silk fabric in the front and Vlieseline in the background


It’s always nice to prepare for a new sewing project by cleaning out old stuff. It gets you off to a nice start, don’t you think?

  • the sewing table has been clear of old fabric scraps
  • the waste basket has been emptied
  • the usual pins have been removed from the pin cushion and replaced by new, much thinner pins (because I’m working with silk)
  • the sewing machine has gotten a new, thinner needle. (I know I should change needle much more often and I just don’t know why I don’t do it. Work it ’til it break maybe?)
  • the dinner table’s been cleared to function as a cutting table
  • all the fabrics have been fetched from the wardrobe.
New pins, yay!

New pins, yay!

The fabrics

The fabric’s got a nice little story of its own and it actually makes my feelings for this dress even stronger. My friend Mia went to Bangladesh to study for a while and one day she sent me an email asking me if I wanted some fabrics. She was getting some for herself to make this gorgeous dress (her blog’s in Swedish but I guess you can enjoy the pictures anyway). My answer was of course “yes, yes, YES!!”. A month later she delivered 8 yards off-white silk and 8 yards silk chiffon in the same beautiful colour. I know I’ve said it before but, thank you! These fabrics truly are amazing :D

Right… or wrong?

Telling right from wrong used to be so easy...

Telling right from wrong used to be so easy…

When all preparations were done, I was faced with a tough decision. Which side of the fabric is the right one!? It’s not like there’s much of a difference :S. However, I think one side feels a little smoother so I went with that one. I did ask my fiancé for advise as well but he just confused me even more since the thought the other side was the face side. In the end, we reached the conclusion that it probably as a good idea to go with the supposedly ‘smoother side’ . Besides, no-one is going to notice as long as I always use one of the sides as face. ;)

13 thoughts on “Wedding Dress – Making preparations and the art of telling right from wrong

  1. I admire your orderly preparation! But then, sewing a wedding dress would rather require it. I look forward to seeing how your dress takes shape.

    • Thank you. It’s a good thing I made some preparations but at the moment it feels like it was in vain. I’ve got fabric scraps all over the apartment now! (I started cutting and sewing this weekend :) )

  2. still not done you must be slacking :) but then again you cant rush perfection now can you, i bet you will look beautiful wen its done, goodluck and talk soon dan

  3. soo you got atleast 2 weeks left right pff and there was me thinking no pressure :P goodluck hon :)

  4. Mycket duktigt. Kämpa på. Jag saknar min symaskin.

    • Tack, tack :) Jag o Selma pratade om att kanske gå en sykurs till våren. Är du sugen på att haka på?

      • Jag tänkte faktiskt fråga om det. Jag tänkte mer specifikt på en mönsterkonstruktionskurs. Jag har velat lära mig det så länge. Vilken Selma? Hon från jobbet?

        • Mm, hon som e team leader i apache. Oooh ja, mönsterkonstruktion skulle va himla roligt. Tror hon va inne på mer generell sömnad, iaf till att börja med. Själv skulle jag vilja lära mig mer om mönster, kolla av hur det står till med grunderna (jag e ju hyfsat självlärd) och lära mig sy typ jacka/kavaj.

          • Jag är självlärd också, men känner att jag kan en del om grunderna. Däremot är det ju såna saker som gylf…. Men lite mer avancerad sömnadskurs hade nog inte varit helt fel.

          • Haha :) Vi får titta lite på vad det finns för utbud. När jag kikade såg jag bara kurser som började på hösten (när vi åker bort) men det måste ju gå kurser på våren också.

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