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Wedding Dress – Cutting out the parts and sewing


Ready to start cutting!

Ready to start cutting!

Earlier, I’ve read about how hard cutting in silk would be and to be honest, I was prepared for the worst. I would picture how the fabric would slide all over the place like some slippery eel, and all my pieces would end up weird and distorted. To counter this, I even got myself a cutting board + rotary cutter.

I grabbed all my utensils and placed them on the kitchen table. Then it hit me, I probably shouldn’t try cutting two layers of fabric at once. So I put away my rotary cutter and grabbed my scissors instead.


Using a couple of tealight holders, I kept both fabric and pattern in place. Just to be on the safe side, I traced the pattern with a pencil and marked all the places where two pieces should be fitted together. The only problem with my approach was that tracing and cutting all pieces 3 times (2 silk and 1 Vlieseline) took an insane amount of time. Maybe I needn’t have been so meticulous with the details but that’s just me, I like being thorough.

By the time I had finished cutting out all the pieces, I got a, at least in theory, great idea. Since I’m lining the fabric closest to the body with Vlieseline, I should’ve cut that out first. Then I should’ve pressed it onto the silk. Finally I should’ve cut the silk after it had cooled down. It’s probably a good idea to keep this in mind for future projects.

Finally I get to start sewing!

Finally I get to start sewing!

For the outer fabric pieces I only lined the upper seam allowance with Vlieseline. I strongly suspect that sewing the neckline will be a pain in the butt. The silk will probably start to fray because of the way I will have to cut it. Sigh.. just keep your fingers crossed that it won’t end up in glorious a mess.

When I finally got to start sewing I was very happy! Here’s a first picture of what the inner layer looks like. I turned it inside out so that you would see the pretty side. The fitting over the breasts looks a bit weird because apparently, I need to get Jenny a bigger bra (and bigger fake boobs).

Behold my creation!

Behold my creation! (I apologize for the bad lighting, it was rather late when I shot this photo)

4 thoughts on “Wedding Dress – Cutting out the parts and sewing

  1. I can see the progress! Do you never pin your pattern to your fabric then? I usually stitch around the pattern with a couple of big loops to show me where I should cut the fabric. This usually helps! :-)

    • I usually do that but I was afraid it would damage the silk :S I also find that thin fabrics tend to slide around a bit and if you stretch it and pin it wrong you’re pretty much screwed. Even when pinning the pieces together for sewing, I try to pin within the seam allowance to avoid any damage.

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