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Cushion cover of recycled denim


I think there’s something very appealing about recycling. I like to think that it saves both the planet and my money. Of course, it’s not always that the idea that looked amazing in my head turns out great in reality. However, this particular one is one that I’m very pleased with. At first, I was planning on selling two of them on Etsy but before I even finished making all of them, my mother-in-law exclaimed “I wanna buy them! They would look great in our summer-house!”

Material-wise, this isn’t a cheap project but if you’ve got a bunch of jeans to sacrifice you’re good to go.

For one50x50cm cushion cover you’ll need:

A lapped zipper

A lapped zipper

  • 25 12x12cm squares of mixed denim
  • 52x52cm lining fabric for the front side
  • some denim for the back side (amount is dependent on how/where you insert the zipper
  • 1 zipper ~47cm
  1. Sew the squares together (if in doubt, check out how I made the bedspread). Don’t forget to press the seams!
  2. Measure and cut the lining fabric.
  3. Serge (or zigzag) the lining together with the front.
  4. Sew the zipper (I used a lapped zipper here)
  5. Sew front and back sides with their right sides facing together. Don’t forget to open up the zipper or you’ll have trouble turning it right sides out.
  6. Press and you’re done!


7 thoughts on “Cushion cover of recycled denim

  1. They look great! Have you now used up all of your denim squares?

    • Thanks! Yup every last one of them :) However, I’ve got some new worn out jeans that I porbably could do something nice with.

      • After I made some items from worn out jeans my family started collecting their old pairs for me so my stash grew and grew and grew until I told them that I really have enough pairs for now…

        • Haha, wonderful :) How many have you got now? And what are you planning on doing with them?

          • More than 10, at least. Not including remnants from already cut up pairs. I made a quilt for one of my sisters (after that everyone started collecting) and used some to make myself a pieced skirt. What’s next? I’m not sure, perhaps a bag, or another quilt. I like having some on hand because it’s a cheap fabric option to try out something new.

  2. looks great – so neat :)

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