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Wedding Dress – Draping part1

Dota => great sewing success :)

Yesterday I was up late, sewing and watching the International (Dota 2 championship). Lucky for me, the first game was the semifinal between Alliance and DK (cheering for Alliance). Sadly, I was too tired to stay up and watch the other games. I haven’t played dota myself but watching the games was really exciting! Apparently it’s free to play on Steam so I’m thinking about downloading it and team up with my fiancé :)

Up until yesterday, Alliance were completely undefeated (pretty awesome) but DK managed to win the second game. Too bad, but maybe it was for the best. I reckon the pressure would be doubled when you can’t lose a single game and win the championship all at once.

Enough about Dota, and on to another matter – the dress! This week I’ve been working on yet another skirt. So far, I’ve made three layers for the wedding dress and one as a mock-up and I’m growing sick and tired of it. Especially working with the silk chiffon proved to be a true test of patience. No matter what I did, the darned thing kept sliding around. Finally, I used my own weight to keep the fabric in place while cutting, and it worked! I won’t show you any pictures of the skirt(s) because it’s kind of boring. There are just French seams everywhere. Nothing more fancy than that.

However, something that is worth showing is the draping of the upper bodice. I’ve been working on it for a couple of evenings and yesterday I pretty much finished the first part of the draping. Tonight I’ll finish the neckline and start working on the rest of the draping (while watching dota ;) ).

Draping on the front

Draping on the front

...and the back

…and the back

This is sort of what's in the pipe.

This is sort of what’s in the pipe.