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Grey Vest

Vest - front

Vest – front

This vest is supposed to go together with the grey shirt but it works well with just a plain white t-shirt as well. It’s made from black linen fabric and some grey softer fabric. Don’t really remember what it was but I liked the touch of it and the warm grey was perfect together with the shirt.

There’s a small pocket on the right side of the garment (it’s more visible in the second picture). That little detail just makes me want to go and buy a pocket watch :)

(I know the pictures are crappy.. some day I gotta buy myself a new camera.)

Vest and shirt together

Vest and shirt together

Vest - back

Vest – back

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Purple pleated skirt

I made the first prototype of this skirt for a cocktail party this autumn (unfortunately, I can’t show it here… need I say more than “this is the zipper“?).

This was around the time I was watching Black Butler (again?) and first discovered SID (シド). One day when I was randomly surfing YouTube, I found this awesome live recording of SID (which for the record, is an awesome band). Mao-san, the singer was wearing a nice, three-coloured kilt-looking thing and then it hit me. I had to make a two-coloured pleated skirt! When I was done designing and sewing, a friend pointed out that it looked very steampunk. I guess that is what you get when mixing J-rock with Victorian style fashion :)

Enough about the prototype, this skirt’s made for an old classmate of mine. She really liked the prototype and asked me to make one for her as well. It’s a minor miracle that the fugly zipper didn’t put her off :) So thank you for ordering, I was really thrilled that someone actually like my design!

Purple steampunk skirt - front

Purple steampunk skirt – front

Purple steampunk skirt - inside

Purple steampunk skirt – inside

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Lady Gaga inspired black dress

Black dress inspired by Lady Gaga's origami dress

Black dress inspired by Lady Gaga’s origami dress

Inspiration for this dress came from Lady Gaga, and the beautiful origami dress(es) she’s worn on several occasions.

Back of the dress with the zipper.

Back of the dress with the zipper.

To get that stiffness in the skirt, it’s made from a black furniture fabric and corset ribs. Also the top part uses ribs to make it stay in place. On the right shoulder, there are two black buttons for decoration. There’s a large, black visible zipper in the back to match the fabric choice.

When I made this, a couple of years ago I was a bit heavier (something which I had totally forgotten by the time I was doing some last-minute preparations for this New Years). Half a day left and my dress looked like a bloody tent… what to do, what to do? I know, add a belt! Hm.. not good enough since the waist line is a bit low it just looks funky. So, I grabbed some left-over fabric from a skirt, sewed it together real quick and attached it to the dress with the super elastic belt. When I got to the party, the first comment was “omg, that looks so Tim Burton/Helena Bonham-Carter-ish – but in a good way! Wait, what now… is that That dress?”. Here we go, this is apparently what you get when you mix Lady Gaga and Tim Burton!

Lady Gaga + Tim Burton = this thing

Lady Gaga + Tim Burton = this thing


Grey shirt

Detailed view of the cuffs

Detailed view of the cuffs

My source of inspiration for this piece was the manga/anime Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). Looking at Ciel Phantomhive and his demon butler kind of makes me wish I was a man so that I could wear all of those lovely clothes.

The hell with it, I thought to myself. I am gonna make this, and I am gonna wear it. Androgynous clothes for the win!

This shirt is made from a lovely grey cotton fabric, just thick enough for the collar to stand on its own and the pleats to stay neatly in place. The front buttons are hidden for a more well-dressed look. The fitting of the shirt is quite loose to not accentuate any female curves. To top it off, I added the black silk ribbon as a tie. It goes well together with this vest.

Grey shirt - front

Grey shirt – front

Grey shirt - back

Grey shirt – back


Blue top with visible zipper

This is a top I made a while back. If I recall correctly, we were going to a party and I didn’t have anything to wear so I whipped this up. It’s a very simple design with some nice pleating on the front shoulder, low cut in the back and a visible zipper in the back (added both for looks and functionality).

Top - pleating on the right shoulder

Top – pleating on the right shoulder

Top - back

Top – back